Our Mission:

Improve livelihoods of people

Our story

WeShine is born out of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Covid-19 has affected the livelihoods of many people. In many cases, the people who form the foundations of society has been affected the most. Inequality has widened and United Nations estimated that we may lose a decade of development in poverty alleviation. These problems were always there but Covid-19 brought an awakening to the urgency of the poverty problems that the world faces.
For many people who form the foundations of our society, there are very few tools and services that's relevant and helpful to their needs regarding jobs and skills. We are determined to provide such tools and services and in doing so, journey with people towards a better livelihood and a better life. While the Covid-19 crisis has brought much hardship and challenges to people, it has also presented tremendous opportunities especially in the acceleration of technology adoption in many aspects of life. We pledge to understand and render the right assistance to uplift our talents.
From here we write the story of WeShine.
Will you join us in writing this story?

We conduct every activity with a heart full of love

We approach every interaction genuinely and empathize with every talent. As such, we are able to stand in your shoes, understand your feelings and journey with you through the tough times.


Impact "Unicorn"

Borrowing the “unicorn” term from the startup world, we strive to be an Impact “Unicorn” which we define as positively impacting 1,000,000,000 lives!

We are

Digital First

We see the world being Global-Digital and Hyper-local Physical. Technology connects everyone no matter where you are. At the same time, hyper-local physical needs continue to exist. Digital-first solutions are needed for both Global Digital and Hyper-local Physical world.