Our Team

Christel Goh

Business Development and Partnerships

Christel spent 15 years working as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines. It was her experiences of traveling to different places and seeing realities that led her to venture beyond her comfort zone, to explore opportunities where she can contribute to making a positive impact on society. 

She then worked in e-commerce marketing and hospitality operations before she found her ikigai moment at WeShine. She is passionate about empowering vulnerable women in need.

Daniel Wong

Machine Learning Data Science Consultant

Daniel’s interest in technology started during his school days. The recent developments in technology present opportunities for companies to enhance their business processes, products and services.  It also presents him a unique opportunity to throw his knowledge and experience behind them. 

Daniel is an experienced professional in Operations and Information Technology.  In the IT field, he has participated in projects concerning mobile payment, e-commerce, automation and data science.  

Jay Ng

Chief Executive Officer

“Have a personal calling to contribute to poverty alleviation through venture with impact embedded. Strive to be impact unicorn which we define as improving livelihoods of 1 billion lives”

Jay was the MD of STACS (FinTech). Brought STACS from zero to Pre-Series A, with 25 employees from 2019 to 2020. Managed proprietary funds for Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore, trader at Moon Capital and Deutsche Asset Management. He obtained his Master of Finance from University of Cambridge and has been an active participant in various ground-up initiatives catering to needs of marginalized groups such as migrant workers, frail elderly and homeless.

Justin Chua

Machine Learning Data Science Consultant

Encouraged by his ex-colleague to acquire a second skillset to stay relevant in today’s fast changing environment, Justin began his journey into the field of Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He is passionate about using these to bring positive impact into the society.

His motto in life is “Keep learning, keep growing. Explore the untreaded land. Embrace the experience”. A strong believer of growth-mindset, he is passionate about influencing society to keep learning. Previously, Justin worked in the accounting and income tax fields for more than 10 years and specializes in the American and Singapore Income Tax system.

Justin Ong

Chief Operations Officer

Being one of the pioneer members of Lazada University, Justin was able to witness the struggles of many individuals in Singapore, as well as the SEA region. This has motivated him to play a more active role in creating a positive social impact. 

He started with community initiatives in the youth segment and is an active member of Mentoring Alliance Singapore (MAS). However, Covid has brought forward the vulnerability of the lower-wage workers. Justin has since joined WeShine, leveraging on his community-building and tech expertise to implement innovative ground-up solutions targeted at improving the livelihoods of our lower-wage workers. 

Nay Lin

Machine Learning Data Science Consultant

Nay Lin is currently working on machine learning and natural language processing at WeShine. His other interests in computing include technical 3D graphic programming and scientific computing.

He first encountered machine learning when he was developing an environmental monitoring sensor system using neural networks. He received his education at École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Électrotechnique et Électronique, Paris with a Master’s in Engineering and  Nanyang Technological University with a Doctorate Degree in Engineering.