Improve livelihoods of people,
with Love and Tech

Guided by Love

by understanding real needs, aspirations and challenges faced by people

Powered by Tech

by using technology to bring solutions at scale
Where every person can

Shine & Flourish Together

We are committed to growing with you.

When you do well, we do well.

When you benefit, we benefit.

Flourishing together with you is so important to us, we made it our tagline! 

Contributing to

SDG Goal 1:
No Poverty

We support and contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1. 

We are all about

People x Tech

Who We Are
  • We imagine a world where there is enough for all
  • We strive to be an impact “unicorn”
  • We are digital-first
What We Do

We are experimenting and learning what really works for people.

Stay tuned for our updates!

Do share ideas about how we can improve livelihoods of base of pyramid individuals!

Work together towards common goals


Social enterprises and

Education and training

Startups and


Share our passion for people's livelihoods?

Have an idea to share?

Skills and Jobs

Skills and jobs are fundamental to improving people’s livelihoods. We would love to hear ideas on how we can help base of pyramid individuals improve skills and get better jobs

Financial Inclusion

We believe financial inclusion starts with the heart to empower individuals, not to burden people. We would love to hear ideas on how financial inclusion can improve people’s lives.


We would love to hear any other ideas on how to help base of pyramid individuals improve livelihoods.  

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